Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been very busy quilting my latest quilt tops.  I finished my quilt that I started at the Quilt Bee on April 5th.  It is 36 x 48 just the right size for a wheel chair quilt.

Windmills at Night.

I finished making tops from my Magic Stack N Whack.  I thought that if I made one top it would be too big for me to quilt on my own so I put 4 blocks together and made 2 quilts from the 8 blocks.

Quilt Number One

Quilt Number Two

The borders of both quilts are the same colour although they don't look it.  It is black with a swirl in it, and it turns gray when I take a picture.

A few years ago I made an Easter Egg Tree table topper so I decided this year that I needed some placemats to go with it.  I wanted them bright with some of the fabric from the Easter Tree.  The only fabric I had on hand was from the border and binding, so I used it on the placemats.

The center square is from the same line and I also cut the side borders from that fabric.  I fussy cut the center square and then had to scrounge fabric for the side borders.  I had barely enough to make my four placemats.

I also put together a new purse.  Linda G took the Bag Class and asked about making a bag with a gusset for the zipper.  She found a pattern and I said I would give it a try.  It turns out that it is not a true gusset but fabric added to the zipper so it is a false gusset.

I think if I made it again I would make it wider and not as deep. but I am happy with it and have used it a few times already.  Since mine is all one colour it is a little more dressy than the original.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Whirligigs and Pinwheels Quilt

I have had some fabric with bunnies on it for over a year now and couldn't figure out what I was going to do with it.  I tried to design a quilt but never liked what I came up with.  I had used some of the fabric in an Easter wall hanging and the rest tugged at me to do something with it.

One day while I was surfing the internet I came across this small child's quilt and thought that I could put my bunny fabric to good use making a quilt like it. 

 In the original pattern the author cut out squares of fabric for the centers of her blocks and used red and gold fabric for the rest of the blocks.  I fussy cut my bunnies into 6 inch squares.  I used pale blue instead of red to coordinate with the blue sky in the bunny squares.  The only fabric I purchased for this was the backing which belongs to the same fabric line as the bunnies.  It is carrots and vegetables with the same flower pots that are in the squares.

I don't know what I will do with this quilt yet.  It may go to Neebing Needlers as a donation quilt or to the guild for the pediatric unit at the hospital. 


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Annual Quilt Bee

Today was the annual quilt bee for our Guild.  There were over 40 women there this afternoon.  I found out also that they call it a quilt bee because of all the B's in quilting.  There are borders, binding, backing, batting and that makes a lot of B's.

This was part of one room.

There was a second room where some of the ladies were quilting tops that had been made at a previous bee. 

Shirley quilts all her quilts on a regular machine so she was showing us how it was done.

This was the design she was making.

There were a lot of different quilt tops made today.

These Jelly Roll quilts were all made from strips cut from yardage.
One of the gals did all the cutting and put the colours together for these quilts.
She did a fantastic job.

Wonky Stars were made in Cindys group.

Rail fence was made in Karen's group.

Pat uses fleece as backing with no batting in the sandwich.
Maria also put fleece on the back of her quilt.
These quilts are very soft and pliable.

I was making windmills at night.

There were also lots of other quilts finished today.

It was a fabulous day with lots of quilts made to be donated to the Local Hospital and Homes for the Aged.


Friday, April 4, 2014

The Exploding Block

Every day I get an email from Missouri Star Quilt Company with their deal of the day and every now and then they send an email with a new tutorial.  Last week the new one was 'the exploding block'.  When I went to Neebing Needlers last Wednesday Linda G had made a few and was showing the rest of the gals how to make them.  It is a great block and I knew that I just had to try to make one.  

I made mine explode 5 times and then wondered what I was going to do with this block.
I always find that it is easier to make several blocks rather
than just one at a time so I made 4 of them.
I added the green borders and made them into placemats.
These will go to Meals on Wheels.  I hope someone else
enjoys them as much I do.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Quilt Finishes

I have been making quilts for my nephew and his wife.  He wanted me to make a king size Hawaiian quilt but that was too great of an undertaking for me.  I thought I would make them each a lap quilt which they could use on cool days or nights.

Read All About It Quilt

I have made this quilt before.  It is from the book Strip-Smart Quilts by Kathy Brown.  There is one big problem with this quilt and that is that there is a lot of left over squares.  So what do you do with these left over squares?  I made another quilt.

My Version of Read All About It

I used all the left over squares and put the quilt together in almost the same pattern.  I had to take a few squares apart so that the squares in the quilt went together in a pattern.  I call these my twin quilts.

These quilts are not for alcoholics; they are for a couple who live in the Napa Valley in California so I thought the fabric was just the thing.  The light brown fabric is corks and the border and backing are tossed wine bottles and glasses.  I thought it was very fitting for wine country folks.  To top it off I picked these fabrics up when a local shop was going out of business so I go a real good deal on the fabric.  I bought the rest of the bolt of the tossed bottles, so I used it for the backing as well as the border.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The H Quilt and More Twister

I am having fun using up my scraps from my stash.  I have a lot for someone who has been quilting for only 5 and a half years.  I try to keep them sorted by colour but lately I have been sorting them by size also.  I have a small bucket with 2 1/2 inch squares and one with 2 inch squares.  If the piece of fabric won't make at least a 2 inch square then it goes in the pile for the dog beds, which are made by a group from our Guild.

The H Quilt.
This will be a donation quilt.

This quilt was suppose to be a puzzle quilt, but I thought that it would be too complicated adding the pieces for the puzzle.  I would have to lay out each piece individually and then add the extra colour, plus I didn't have enough of all of the colours to add the puzzle pieces.  It was easy to just add white to make an H.  Because the H's are turned there was very little matching to do, just the corners had to be matched.

Twister Illusions

I friend of mine created a monster when she taught me how to do the twister block.  This is a block that looks so complicated but is easy to do and it looks like you spent hours piecing small pieces together.
One of our local quilt shops was going out of business and I found the pattern one day while looking for bargains.  Most of the fabrics were in my stash but I had to purchase the blues and the black.  I have chosen a very special friend to get this quilt.

Twister Illusions
The pattern made a crib, twin or queen size quilt so I made this one a size between the crib and twin, by starting with the crib size and adding borders that were meant for the twin size.  I really like the corner detail.  Only 2 corners were suppose to have coloured squares but I added some to all four corners.  I really love this quilt.
YKW had just finished shovelling the latest snowfall off the deck so it was the perfect place to take the picture.  I prefer to take the pictures outside in the natural light if at all possible.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilt Therapy last Thursday

Thursdays have been fun days these past few years.  Lots of quilting gets done as well as lots of visiting.  These past few weeks it has only been Joyce and me.  Pierina is still away and Maria has been working. 

 Joyce has been working on a quilt that we found last year when we all went to Duluth for some R and R.  The shop had made the quilt without a pattern so I made a pattern for her and then we were lucky enough to find the same fabric in the shop.

All finished.

She had left over fabric because I always tell her to buy more than what you need.  This beautiful quilt will be in her plant room which has a round table for lunches or snacks so she decided to make placemats to match the quilt.

She able to make 6 placemats and added
the green for some contrast and
also for binding and

I have been working on a donation quilt that I call my H quilt.  

This is all made from scraps.
I made H blocks and then turned them so that
I only had the corners to match
and not all the posts and white squares.
It is ready to be quilted.


Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Dandy Workshop

I have been making bags since I started quilting 6 years ago.  I have made tote bags, grocery bags, travel bags, and purses.  One of the bags that I really like is the Dandy Bag.  I found it on the Internet in 2010 and have made somewhere between 6 and 10 of these bags.  I have re sized them to make them larger and in many different colourways.  This is a fun bag to make.  This is the bag that Lynda and I took when we travelled to Europe a few years ago, and called it our day bag.  We carried our water bottle, hat, umbrella, Kleenex, and anything else that wasn't valuable.

Because I have made so many bags the Guild asked me to put on a workshop and I chose the Dandy Bag from Dandelion Quilts.  I added pockets and a zipper because that is what the participants asked for.  We had a great time and as you can see everyone chose beautiful fabrics for their bag.  Five of the 8 gals finished their bag on Saturday.

I forgot to ask if they minded having
their faces out on the Internet so I cropped
the picture to display the beautiful bags.


Monday, February 24, 2014

Pieced but not Quilted

I have been working on a twister quilt.  I bought the pattern and some of the fabric from a local shop that was going out of business.  I really like the Twister pattern.  I have to look for a backing for this quilt that is why I haven't quilted it yet.  Hopefully I will find some soon.

Twister Illusions.
I made the baby or wall hanging size 
but added the borders for
the twin size because
I wanted it to be a size that was
in between them both.
It is 46 x 56 inches.


Thursday, February 20, 2014

Not Bearly There

I found a really neat pattern in Fons and Porter's Easy Quilts Spring 2011 magazine called Bearly There.  The pattern used bear fabric therefore the name for the quilt.  I had some neat Snowman fabric that I thought would be great with this pattern.  I fussy cut the snowmen for the center squares of the blocks and used beige and blue for the rest of the squares.  

The fabric is Snow Flurries from Clothworks.
I used the same fabric for the outer border.
This quilt is for a friend who still plays hockey
and he is in his 70's.
Some of the snowmen are skating so I 
thought it was quite appropriate for him.

I also finished another donation quilt.  This is made from scraps from a layer cake twister quilt that I made a few years ago for my grandson.

I got this pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Company.
On the video she doesn't use sashing and cornerstones but I learned a new technique 
about adding sashing strips and now I am loving 
making them.


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Magic Stack-n-Whack

One of the groups I go to decided before Christmas that it would be fun to try a Magic Stack-n-Whack Quilt.  I have never done one and had to go and buy fabric for the quilt.  There were about 5-6 of us that thought we would try this technique.  Today 3 of the gals and myself bought our completed squares to share with the group.

These are Sharon's squares.  
She chose fabric with
birds and fruit.  I love the way the
squares seem to spin.

Deb's square.  
She thought her fabric was too
busy, but it looks just great.

These are Leila's squares.  
She chose fabric with flowers
and also different background fabrics.

This is my square and you can see what happens when
you buy fabric that isn't busy enough and there
was too much background in the main
fabric.  I think that my 8 squares will
become 2 donation quilts. 
I have to go and buy some black fabric now
to use for sashing and borders.
I will post the quilts when they are finished.


Monday, February 10, 2014

Quilts for Twins

This years marks 50 years since I graduated from Nursing School and I hope to go to my reunion in June.  Our renunions are usually held every 5 years and I have been lucky enough to go to the last few.  This will be a big celebration because the Alumni also gets involved when it is the 50th reunion.  There will be an Alumni dinner on the Friday night and then a dinner with just our classmates on Saturday night and a final Brunch on Sunday morning before we say good-bye for another 5 years.

I usually stay with one of my classemates and this year will be no different.  I am going to visit with Joanne and her husband Tom for a few days at their home and then we will book into the hotel in downtown Toronto to be with the rest of our classmates.

Joanne and Tom have twin grandsons so I thought I would make them something as a thank you.  I bought the fabric a few years ago when I was in Southern Ontario.

I bought the cute Riley Blake fabric with the cars
and some of the fabric from the 4 patches
and thought I would make them placemats
but thought that they might like a quilt instead.
The fabric with the children is also Riley Blake fabric
that I picked up here in town for something
else but decided that it would be
better in this cute quilt.

I made two of these quilts identical but the backing will tell them apart.  One is blue and the other light green. I took the idea for this quilt from Quilts by Jen.  She made hers with leftover layer cake squares but I was using fat quarters so I made my squares 9 inches to get more squares from what I had.


Friday, January 31, 2014

Quilt Therapy Time Again

Our Thursday group was very interesting this week.  We had a visitor.  Pierina was in town for a funeral so she spent the day with us.  

Since her machine was in Toronto she couldn't
quilt, so she did some Swedish embroidery instead.

Maria was working on her trees.  This will be a table runner for one of  her daughters.  It is all paper pieced and taking a lot of time because she wants to make them all different.  It means sorting fabric for each one.

She has a lot of Black and White and White and Black
fabric to choose from.  She is doing a 
really nice job of them,  All her sorting and choosing
is paying off.

Joyce is using up some of her left over "Cabin by the Lake" fabric and making placemats.

Adding binding.

All the fabrics in the quilt and table runner.

I am working on a donation quilt.  I added 2 1/4 inch squares to two corners of 4 1/2 inch squares and then I am sewing them together just hap hazard to make it a scrappy looking quilt.

I may put sashing between the blocks, I haven't quite
decided yet.  I like using my scraps
to make quilts.  Everyone is different.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Possibilities Group

Our guild has a group call "The Possibilities".  A group of us get together once a month and talk about what we are doing in quilting and what we are working on.  It is always a learning experience for me.  This month there were 8 of us and lots of information was shared.

One of the more experienced quilters brought a flower block that she was working on.  It turns out that I have the book that she took the pattern out of.  I bought the book for $5 at the guild library sale.  It is called Fantastic Fabric Folding by Rebecca Wat.  I just had to try my hand at fabric folding.

I also made an orange one.
Isn't it cute.

There are quilts and wall hangings in the book and a lot of different flowers folded from fabric. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Two More Finishes

I made a small donation quilt over Christmas.  It is called "Our Neighbourhood".  The quilt is made up of squares that look like little houses.  I found it on Moda Bake Shop.

Our Neighbourhood Charm Quilt

The second quilt I finished was "A Charlie Brown Christmas".  My daughter bought me the kit from Nancy's Notions for last Christmas and I hated to cut into it because I had to cut up the panel and make the squares 5 1/2 inches when they started out to be 5 x 7  rectangles.  I struggles on and finished it.

A Charlie Brown Christmas
It is 49 x 57

The backing for this quilt was very special.  Lynda went to Portugal last year and I wasn't able to go because of a medical problem and I couldn't get insurance so I asked her to bring me back some fabric. 

Portuguese fabric.
It was 60 inches wide so I didn't have to piece it.