Thursday, May 19, 2016

Two Small Quilts

Every year our guild makes small quilts for Teddy Bears for Christmas Cheer Fund.  These are really neat to make because they are small and don't take a lot of time to make.  I like to piece so I often make a small quilt with a lot of piecing involved.

Little Boy's Toys

I found this on Lyn Brown's Blog.  Notice that one of the boats is
facing the wrong way.  So cute.
If you check out her blog she a lot of small quilts for dolls that are free.

Baby Buckaroos

I bought an ebook on line from Martingale Publishing and this little quilt was in it.
I bought this fabric a few years ago when I visited my brother in
Tallahassee and didn't realize that it was tailor made for this quilt.  I made some magic 9 patch blocks in red this time.
I had made this quilt before but used blue 9 patches.
I think I like the red better because it sets the fussy cut squares off.
I actually sold this quilt yesterday.
I think it was the first one I have sold since I started quilting 10 years ago.
A friend called and asked if I had a quilt for a boy for her to take to a baby shower this weekend.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

New Quilt Patterns

I try not to make the same quilt twice because I like to try new patterns and blocks.  

This block starts off with a lot of half square triangles and I was wondering where the double pinwheel was.  It wasn't until after I put the blocks together that you can see the double pinwheel.
The green pinwheel in part of the block and the red one is made
when the blocks are sewn together.
You can find this block at

This quilt is made with half square triangles.  I just used scraps and a background fabric.
The first border has a gold thread through it and so does the outer blue border.

I found this pattern at

This is a quilt that I always wanted to make and I found a pattern to make it scrappy.  I didn't use as many scraps as the pattern called for, instead I put extra white squares for some of the scrappy ones.
Her website is  There are lots of new blocks and videos on this site.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Home After A Fantastic Long Weekend

It all started last Thursday when I flew to London Ontario.  Lynda picked me up and we headed for the mall to do some shopping.  I had some success; I bought myself a new spring/fall jacket.  On Friday we were up early to drive to Toronto to the Creativ Festival.

Since 1988, Creativ Festival is Canada’s largest diy consumer show dedicated to the creative arts of sewing, knitting, beading, spinning, weaving, felting, quilting, crocheting, stitching, scrap booking, crafting and other fibre, textile, needle and paper arts.

This Festival takes place twice a year in April and October.  It is something that I have wanted to go to for a long time and this was the year I decided to make it happen.  It didn't disappoint.

There were several sewing machine companies there.

Janome, BabyLock, Pfaff, and Bernina to name a few.

There were numerous quilt shoppes in attendance as well as notion companies and knitting shoppes.

Lots of beads and jewelry available also.

My loot.
22 yards of fabric and 28 fat quarters.  There was so much different fabric there that I couldn't turn it down.  I also picked up a pattern.

We spent the night in Toronto before driving back to Lynda's place.  On the way home to stopped to visit with one of Lynda's friends in Orangeville and also stopped at 2 quilt shops.  I don't think I need to buy any more fabric for a long time.  This will keep me busy for a while.
 Saturday night I took my 17 year old grand-daughter out for dinner.  It was nice to visit with her and spend some time with her.

On Sunday we drove back to Toronto to attend a Blue Jay's baseball game.  We had wonderful tickets on the first base line in row 18.  It has been years since I attended a professional baseball game and we had a great time.  We paid a lot for our tickets but I may not get back to another game so I blew the bank roll.

We asked the staff to take our picture.  They are very obliging.

Josh Donaldson Day.
A sell out crowd.

Up to bat.

Osuna pitching in the last inning.  
Blue Jays won 6-3.
It was a good game to go to, especially since they won.

I left for home on Monday evening and walked in the door at 1:30 am.  My plane was late from Toronto and when I got home I was too tired to do anything so I just went to bed.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Catching Up

I have been sewing quite a bit lately but haven't been blogging.  I need to find the time to sit down and do it, but things just get in the way.  Since I retired about 10 years ago I am busier then ever and sometimes wonder when I would have found time to go to work.

I have seen something along this line used by other quilters when I have been to quilt bees or retreats and decided that it was time that I made one for myself.  It will keep a few things handy for me and keep other notions in another caddy that can also be close at hand.  I went to Paris, France a few years ago and found this in my stash to remind me of that wonderful time.

Flashing Lights Baby Quilt

I found this quilt on McCall's Quilting but I used polka dots instead of a black background.  I just couldn't put black on a baby quilt.

My Preserves

One of the gals at a quilt group that I attend made a quilt like this and I knew then what I was going to do with my fabric of fruits and vegetables.  I had been collecting them for a while a few years ago just because I liked them.  I could never decide what to do with this fabric.
I even added chocolate chips.  Everyone needs a little chocolate.
The pattern that I followed was a Bug Jar Pattern because I liked the size of the jars.  I had initially made it as a donation quilt but I liked it so much that I am keeping it.  I have enough fabric leftover that I could probably make another one.

I have made a lot of these small pouches.  They are great to keep sunglasses in or other small things in your purse or bag.

My sister Lynda came for Easter and she always wants me to make her some things.  She wanted a quilted bowl holder for her microwave and she also lost her little wallet that I had made her before.  
I made the bag from some of the fabric that she had in my stash.  The bowl pattern is from Patchwork Posse.  She has a lot of great patterns.
The bag pattern is called The Tahoe Bag.  I bought the pattern in 2011 the year that my youngest sister got married in Lake Tahoe.

Ring Around the Roses

I got a new Quilting Book for my birthday called "Make It Mini" and this little gem was one of the patterns.  Sometimes I don't take my regular purse but put my things in one of my tote bags and my phone gets lost so this little case will come in handy.

Mystery Quilted Bag

This was a mystery quilt that the guild had in 2008.  I had made one before but my large bags are wearing out so I went through my stash and found this lovely fabric to make another one.  This bag measures 20 inches by 25 inches.  These bags are so handy for carrying supplies or quilts in.
You can see that there is still some snow on the back deck.


Sunday, April 3, 2016

Iron Caddy Workshop

Yesterday I had the privilege of facilitating a workshop with 5 of the gals from our guild.  We used a local high school and the best part of the room we use is that it is set up as a Home Economics classroom.  That is probably an old term that not too many people use today.  They always come up with some new fangled word to use.  All along the wall are electrical receptors so you are not cramped together.

Everyone had there own spot to quilt in and spread themselves out down the perimeter of the room.
We set the middle of the room up with 4 tables so that we could all work together and help each other out.  The biggest thing about this pattern is the marking of the sewing lines so that the caddy folds up correctly.

Some beautiful caddys were made.






Everyone got their's finished except for a few buttons.
As it often happens, you finish a project and then decide that you don't
like the buttons that you have chosen.
I'm sure new buttons will be purchased in a few days.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Row by Row Quilt

I finally finished my Row by Row Quilt.  A little late but there was a lot of work with all the appliqué.  I had some help putting it in order and I really like the way it turned out.

I don't know why I made 6 rows but because I did, it made it very long but it also fits nicely on the wall in my hallway.

My sister Lynda had a lot of fun finding these rows for me.
The top on is from The Cloth Shop Granville Island, Vancouver, B. C.
The second one is from Circle of Friends Quilt Shop in Thunder Bay, Ontario
Number 3 is from Quilt Essentials in St. Jacob's Ontario
Row 4 is from Cherished Pieces in Tillsonburg, Ontario.
Row 5 is from Joyce's Sewing Shop in London, Ontario.
Row 6 is from Heart 'N Home Creations in New Hamburg, Ontario.

The rain falls on the sleeping giant in Lake Superior, the boats on the lake with the loons swimming in the lake.  The fish are under the water and the chairs are for someone to sit and enjoy the view.

I have more patterns and I think I may make another one that is just piecing.  I loved doing the appliqué and used a lot of different stitches to complete the top.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Annual Quilt Bee 2016

Yesterday was our annual quilt bee held at one of the local community centers.  There were about 20 ladies sewing from kits that the committee had put together.  All the pieces had been cut to size so it was just a matter of making half square triangles and then making them into blocks.  A lot of the ladies were working on a block called Diamond Square Block that came from a website called "3 and 3 quarters".  This gal has a lot of really different blocks. I think I will have to borrow a few of hers in the future for my donation quilts.

Only one person got their quilt finished so the rest of us took ours home to complete and return.  We were given batting, backing and borders to complete each quilt. 

I finished mine today and it is ready to be quilted.  I have enough border fabric to make binding too.

This is my block, it is really scrappy.

ready to by quilted

Two ladies busy squaring up blocks and getting ready to sew.
Large squares for a chevron quilt.

Looks like a lot of production here.

A finished quilt from last years Bee.

Some of the kits on the table and buckets of fabric for backing and borders.

It was a wonderful day.  Lunch was supplied and some of the ladies brought salads and deserts to go along with the beautiful meat and cheese tray that was provided.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

Quilt Retreats are The Best

A few weeks ago I was invited to a quilt retreat at a quaint secluded spot about an hours drive from my home.  The wonderful thing about retreats is that you are given the time to just quilt and be with a  terrific group of like minded women.  Your meals are prepared and when they call you for meals you sit down to a delicious array of food.  I knew a few of the women there and the rest I got to know over the 4 days that we were away.  It was a great group with lots of chatter and friendships made.  I took a few pictures and wish that I had taken more.  

The room was set up with 3 to a group of three tables.  If you wanted to be closer to friends you could but most of us used our full table.  We blew a few fuses to start with and then settled for three irons on the go instead of everyone using their own iron.  We all shared and just took turns.

A beautiful appliqued wall hanging

It is hard to see the strips of colour in this tote but it was made with beautiful batiks.

The beginning of a beautiful quilt.

Some different squares that were being worked on.

A makeup case started.
Tiny squares that went into a lovely baby quilt or teddy bear quilt.

Magic nine patches.

Paper piecing to be made into a quilt.


I made three quilt tops over the 4 days and brought them home and quilted them.  They are all lap sized.

Click on any of the pictures so see them enlarged.

What a wonderful 4 days we had; we even had a snow storm while we were there but didn't really care because we were inside surrounded by friends and happily working away on our wonderful hobby.