Thursday, February 12, 2015

UFO Challenge

The Program Chairperson at our guild has put out a UFO Challenge.  This is something that suits me because I constantly seem to be thinking about making a new quilt when I already have a dozen or so partially started.  I see a pattern, like it, and then choose fabric and make at least one of the squares.  Then someone (daughter, sister, friend) asks me to make a baby quilt for them, so the quilt that was started is put aside and becomes a UFO.  

I am trying desperately to keep focused and just work on my UFO's and it is working to some degree.  I have also finished 2 door hangings this week and 4 placemats.  No pictures of them yet.

Two of my finished UFO'S

Not Batik Patches

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I have hundreds of 2 1/2 inch squares, so when I found this pattern I had to change it to use up some of those squares.  The pattern is called Batik Patches but since I didn't use Batik I decided to rename it.  I found the pattern HERE

Sunny Chevron

I had made a quilt using 5 inch squares made into half square triangles and these are the leftovers (I made twice as may as I needed for the last quilt) plus a few more added to make the quilt 36 x 48.  When I found the pattern I thought it was ideal to use up some of my 5 inch scrap squares.  The pattern can be found at HERE

YKW cleaned the deck off for me so that I could take a few pictures.  Yesterday it snowed again and hit us with 20 cm. so it was a good thing I took the pictures when I did.


Monday, February 9, 2015

A New Baby Quilt

My daughter asked me to make a Baby Quilt for a friend of hers.  She found one and I thought it would be a good one since it was just squares of baby fabric.  The reason she picked it was that she liked the quilting but it was all hand quilted so she didn't get that one.  

She found one in an old Fons and Porter Baby Quilts Magazine dated winter 2008.

A Star is Born

It was suppose to have small triangles around the edge to look like prairie points but instead I chose  small square. I like to change a pattern to make it my own so that was my little change to this one.